ZQ is the largest supply of ethically sourced wool in the world - because not all wool is created equal.

Our ZQ programme was the first in Australasia to prohibit the practice of sheep mulesing and our ZQ growers continue to understand and appreciate the need to push boundaries and challenge existing practice.  The ZQ grower accreditation programme is continually reviewed and updated with the most recent version launched in December 2016.  During 2017, we rolled out this latest standard to 60% of our grower portfolio and the balance is scheduled form completion in 2018.


Environmental Sustainability

Healthy animals are reliant on a healthy environment, both of which are consistent with productive and profitable farming. 

To ensure this environment is maintained for future productivity, our ZQ accredited growers undertake active positive management that results in the production of premium quality fibre in harmony with environmental sustainability. 

All growers adhere to an approved and documented environmental management plan to manage the environmental impacts associated with their farming system.

Fibre Quality

Consistent fiber quality

Each ZQ fleece is individually hand classed and selected to your specifications. ZQ wool is available in a wide range of microns, from fine Merino (12-24 micron) through to strong wool (25-40 micron). 

Working with selected growers whose farming systems consistently meet quality parameters, ZQ accredited wool is renowned for its outstanding processing and performance attributes:

- Superior whiteness

- Superior strength

- Low vegetable matter

- Low levels of contamination

- Low coefficient of variation of fibre diameter



ZQ wool is sourced directly through handpicked growers who are committed to continually improving product performance, farm management practices, animal health and welfare, environmental, economic and social values.  

Independent third party auditing is undertaken by Asure Quality (, an internationally recognised assurance organisation, to ensure that production systems meet the highest standards.